Last updated March 2021

This template is made to be used as a starter for dashboard websites or applications. You can either export the code be built and used outside of Webflow, or build in Webflow by adding on functionality through Integrations.

Not included

This template does not include any data feeds or membership functionality.

To add working membership functionality, add in Memberstack. You can find a tutorial on how to install it here.

To add working data feeds, integrate with Zapier and set up a database system such as with Airtable or Google Sheets.


Modules (like this one) don't have any padding. This is so they can be used in different ways by adding whatever content you need to add. If you want to use the module for a basic content use such as this one, you can add a div block inside it and add the class "Module Main".

For smaller modules, you can add a div above the main section and give it the class "Module Header". Once you've added content, the result will look like this:

New Tickets

No new

The modules will fit the size of the div it is put in, so the best way to layout pages is using grid layouts, which you can find examples of the in the Style Guide page.


There are a couple of minor interactions that make elements disappear, such as for the tasks, and on the Edit Dashboard page. These can be tweaked or removed by clicking on the element that has the interaction, and editing it from the interaction panel.